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Round Lids Production Line

Round Lids Production Line[10-10-19 16:13:48]

Introduction of Round Lids Production Line
Our Round Lids Production Line is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The Round Lids Production Line has proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during years of practice. The company is engaged in can making machinery development, production, sales and service.
Products Information of Round Lids Production Line
General process of Round Lids Production Line: Edge curl- Glue filling - Drying
Curling Machine
This machine matching with automatic or semi-automatic punch.It curl edges of round lids which have been shaped. Adjusting corresponding internal model can adapt to curl edges of different diameter lids.
suitable diameter: 52-258mm
Motor power: 0.37kw
Size: 740×11000×590mm
Weight: 150kg

Can lid glue machine

Glue Machine is one of necessary equipment in manufacturing a round can, it’s mainly used in metal can lids, such as spray lids, liquor lids, etc. when round can body be formed, before sealing the can, its lid should be glue injected, which avoid leak of cans.
Main Technical Parameter:
Applying range
Diameter of lids:50-170
Production capacity:50-160times/min
Working Pressure:0.3-0.5Mpa
Demension:990 ×700×1500mm

Edge-roller and glue machine

edge-roller and glue for Round lid
2.main technical parameter
Applicable scope: ф 150 - ф 330
Production capacity: 15 pcs/min
Motor power:0.75 kw
Dimension: 700X700X1200mm


The oasthouse of this 2D5 Drying Machine is circulated hot-blast air , which can oven dry and vulcanizing all shapes of cans lids with glue.
Main Technical Parameter:
Max diameter of lids:250mm
Size of inner oasthouse:3500X620X260mm
Max temperature in oasthouse:120℃
Mension:6440mmX 1050mmX1800mm

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