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Wire Drawing Machine
» Wire Drawing Machine

wire drawing machinewire drawing machine have been widely used in wire drawing machine industry. We are leading company of exporting wire drawing Machine in China. We supply all kinds of Wire Drawing Machine to many countries in the world.our wire dr...Click for details

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[2005-11-04 ]

Dry Type Wire Drawing Machine
» Dry Type Wire Drawing Machine

Usage: the set of the wire drawing machine is an ideal equipment wire drawing stock of high, medium and carboon steel, as well as copper, aluminium and alloy. The wire drawing machine is applied to drawing wires in the factories such as wire-steel factory...Click for details

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[2009-04-04 ]

Wet Wire Drawing Machine
» Wet Wire Drawing Machine

We provide wire drawing machine for nail making. the water tank series wire drawing machine is in wet type to draw wire in low-, mid-, and high carbon steel wire, as well as none-ferrous materials, with swift speed, high quality and high reputation. It's the m...Click for details

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[2009-04-04 ]
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