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Cement Mixer Trailer

Cement mixer trailer, cement mixer semi-trailer, China cement mixer semi-trailer, cement mixer trailer for sale[09-03-30 14:36:44]

CLIMA Cement Mixer Trailer
Features of the concrete mixer trailer
The cement mixer are made by advanced techiniques from both Europe and China.
Oil pump, motor, gearbox and condenser of the cement mixer are purchased from those famous brands both at home and aboard.
Safe and reliable driving .
Easy maintenance and convenience for the cement mixer.
Loading capacity from 8m3, 9m3, 10m3, 12m3, 15m3.
CLIMA concrete mixer (also commonly called a cement mixer ) was engaged to homogeneously combine cement, sand or gravel, and water to form concrete . We supply both 2 axle, 3 axle concrete mixer trailer for customers. The vehicle for the mixer trailer can be provided by us or supplied in local. The hydraulic system, including oil pump, motor, decelerate machine, adopts high-quality and stable technique from U.S and Europe. Material of mixer barrel and screw blade is high strengthen wear-resistant steel, which prolong the time of transportation and is also stable-turning, quick-discharge. The shell of tank uses sand-blasting, rust -eliminating, and varnish baking craft, with merits of strong paint adhesion.

Data below is the specification of our 3 axle concrete mixer trailer, it's for customers' reference, we can adjust the parameter according to clients' requirements.

three axle concrete mixer trailer
Overall dimension
Max. payload
8m3, 9m3, 10m3, 12m3, 15m3 by your choice
Depth of body wall
Depth of the front capping
Agitating blade
16mn manganin
Hydraulic system
Advanced hydraulic technique from U.S and Europe
Electrical system
voltage 24V, 7pin socket
Material of barrel and blade
high strengthen wear-resistant steel
Tank Discharge channel chute
manual and flex type
base coating + surface painting. Color of customer's choice
More Pictures About CLIMA Cement Mixer
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