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(CLIMA), officially founded in 1989, is an entity approved by China National Light Industry Council and registered at Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China. It's the only national association in the industry of light machinery.
Members of CLIMA mainly include enterprises, public institutions, universities, research institutes, local industry associations and some other trans-regional and cross-sectoral organizations and societies which are involved in the manufacturing, marketing, designing and testing of light machinery such as machinery for paper making, rubber and plastics processing, drinks and dairy, leather, daily-use glass, clothing, laundry, ceramics, wooden furniture, sugar and blades.

The routine work of CLIMA is in the charge of its secretary-general . CLIMA has its secretariat in Beijing.

The objective of CLIMA

Under the leadership of governmental departments in charge, CLIMA will comply with national laws and regulations as well as the social morality; supply all-round services for its members; enhance the technological, economical and managing level of China's light industry machinery; and make contributions to the development and progress of light industry production and technologies.
Major Work of the Association

I. To formulate and implement standards and regulations for the whole industry.
II. To participate in the formulation and implementation of development plans for the light machinery industry on commission of governmental departments in charge.
III. To conduct research on the development of the industry, and propose comments and suggestions to relevant policies and regulations formulated by the government.
VI. To collect, analyze, manage and release information, promote network construction, start publications, and launch counseling for the industry.
V . To carry out the following work under the approval or commission by the government department in charge

1. To participate in the establishment and implementation of development plans for the industry
2. To collect industrial statistics, establish and revise the technology standards, economic standards and management standards
3. To present product authentication and certification
4. To pre-evaluate and pre- authenticate for major investments, technical reconstruction, and new product development
5. To promote the application of new technologies and to identify scientific and technological achievements
6 . Under the commission of government or in the need of the market or industrial development, to organize exhibitions at home and abroad, cultivate professional market, promote self-discipline, regulate conduct of the whole industry, and maintain fair competition
7 . To promote domestic and international communication as well as cooperation in economic and technological fields
8 . Under the guidance of relevant state departments, to carry out vocational and technical training programs.
9 . To coordinate and communicate with members within the industry and other industries.  
10 . To Report to the government and relevant administrative departments about the development of the industry as well as the demands of CLIMA members, safeguard members' legitimate rights and interests.
11 . To launch campaigns for charity work within the industry and finish other work entrusted by the government or related administrative departments.

Branches of the Association

CLIMA has already had twelve branches registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
1.Pulp and Paper Machinery Branch of CLIMA
2.Wine-Making, Drink and Dairy Branch of CLIMA
3.Washing Machinery Branch of CLIMA
4.Currying, Shoemaking and Leather Branch of CLIMA
5.Glass Machinery Branch of CLIMA
6.Sugar Making Branch of CLIMA
7.Science and Education Branch of CLIMA
8.China Machinery Branch of CLIMA
9.Clothing Machinery Branch of CLIMA
10.Mechanical Blade Branch of CLIMA
11.Can Machinery Branch of CLIMA
12.Wooden Furniture Machinery Branch of CLIMA

Company profile

Approved by state economic and trade committee and registered in ministry of civil affair, (CLIMA) was officially founded on March 1989.

Beijing Time Progress Technology Development Co., LTD (TPTD) is the exclusive executive trading company for (CLIMA). TPTD has been working on import, export and overseas project for many years. We make an annual turnover around US$170 million, 40% to 60% of it come from overseas projects. With a solid reputation, TPTD has built up business relationship in more than 40 countries and regions around the world.
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