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PP woven paper kraft cement bag making machine
» PP woven paper kraft cement bag making machine

With many years of experience in packaging machinery and paper pulp industry, we are glad to present our PP woven paper kraft cement bag making machine, which can adopt PP woven paper, PE woven paper, kraft paper, to produce high-qualit...Click for details

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[2008-12-19 ]

Envelope making machine
» Envelope making machine

Our envelope making machine adopts rapid changeover to produce high-quality bocklet(wallet), diagonal(banker) and a wide variety of non-window style envelopes such as diskette envelopes, air ticket holders, compact disk envel...Click for details

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[2008-12-13 ]

» pump

Envelope making machine has wide applications in various field. This type of Envelope making machine inherits all the merits of the original model, enhanced by new technology. Compared with other Envelope making machine, our Envelope...Click for details

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[2005-05-13 ]
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