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Fruit Drying Line

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Introduction of Fruit Drying Line

Features of CLIMA fruit drying line:

CLIMA has been engaging in researching, manufacturing and exporting Fruit Drying Line for more than 20 years. The fruit drying line is our featuring products right now. Besides traditional fruit druing line, our new generation fruit drying machinery has already came into the market.

1. The amount of air, temperature of heat, stay time of raw material can be adjusted in order to get the best dry effect.
2. The configuration of equipment is flexible. It can use the washing system of screen belt and the cooling system of raw materials.
3. Most parts of air can be used through circle. The energy saves greatly.
4. Being adapted unique air dividing apparatus, it makes the hot air distribute uniform better and guarantee the quality of products is constant.
5. The heat source may be steam, heat conduction oil, electricity or coal (oil) hot air furnace.

Company to a first-class product quality, professional technical team; continuing to pursue the spirit of innovation, to provide users with satisfactory services and high-quality products, won the majority of the user's trust and support. But the day does not end to stay. It to "first-class service, continuous innovation" philosophy, commitment to research and development of new products! On the optimization and upgrading of products has not changed, please believe we will do better.

Our fruit drying line are of high quality .If you are interested in it, please don't hesitate to contact me. We will provide you the machinery with good quality and low price.

Products Information of Fruit Drying Line

 CLIMA can supply complete fruit drying line with capacity from 80kg/day to 4000kg/day.

We can design the quotation and specfication just for you. We also provide services as below: the market analysis, working out product image, maketing stratege, makert layout and trend consulting. After the mahinery is exported to your plant, we will send one or two engineer there to adjust the production line. During this period, your workers would be trained as well.

Fruit Drying Line
The conveyor drier adopts three driers in series, the continuous feed and discharge method is suitable for extensive and continuous production. The production capacity is up to 100kg per hour.

1, Single layer conveyor drier’s effective drying length is 52m, width is 2m and the total height is 3.18m. Heating by recyclable upper and lower wind can save energy effectively, and the separate board in the drying chamber makes the heating well-distributed. The temperature is changeable from 60 to 130 centi degrees. And the running speed of conveyor is adjustable within 20 to 200 minutes.
2, The total heating area is 104 square meters, and the three drier’s speed can be different according to the material need.
3, All the parts that have touch with the material are made of stainless steel.
4, Every machine is allocated with washing facility to keep the machines to be clean and also recycle waste water.

Fruit Drying Line

This is the new generation fruit drying line. Prodcuts form this line looks fresh, clean. The color would be brighter.

Fruit Drying Line
The belt drier is a usual continuous dry one. It can be wide used for chemical industry, foodstuff industry, pharmaceutical industry, construction material industry, electronics industry and so on. Particularly it is suitable to dry the raw materials of sheet, strip or granule that are good in air permeability. For the paste substance of filter cakes, it is better to dry them first to make them become granule or strip through granulator.

All the data are base on our 20 fruit drying line and are only for customers' reference, we can adjust the specification according to your requirements.
Just a few of them have been listed , please contact us if you want any other kinds of machines.
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