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Instant Noodle Machine

Instant noodle machine, instant noodle steaming machine, instant noodle streching machine, instant noodle frying machine[08-12-02 19:17:13]

CLIMA is specializing in providing instant noodle processing machineries. The whole production line is composed of a serial of processing units, which can produce flour-processing type and rice-processing type in terms of noodle raw material; and fried type and dried type in terms of noodle dehydration technology; and bag type and cup/bowl type in terms of noodle shape & packing.

The production flowchart is summarised as: Raw material preparation --- Noodles streching, steaming and cutting --- Frying section --- Cooling section --- packaging.

All the data below are only for customers' reference, we can adjust the specification according to your requirement.
CLIMA Instant Noodle Processing Machine
Instant noodle machine: material preparation
Raw material preparation

Generally, instant noddles are made from wheat flour, rice starch, potato starch, cassava starch, etc. Salt, soda and formula can be added during the preparation. Customers can adjusted the quality by changing the proportion of raw materials.
Instant noodle machine streching
Noodles streching

This machine comprises units of stretching rollers which are designed in independent power transmission, percentage and synchronous control mode. The Slicer is designed by computer analysis and the surface is specially treated and grinded to control dimensional accuracy within ± 0.01mm and surface smoothness below Ra0.4.
Instant noodle steaming machine
Steaming machine

Temperature control is conducted by adjusting the steam temperature at the valve. Steaming speed, temperature and time adjustment are very convenient. Temperature i nside the steam carriage is distributed uniformly.
Instant noodle frying machine
Frying Machine

The frying machine is designed with a number of oil inlets to significantly adjust temperature in steps in order to meet the needs of different products. Both ends of the machine are equipped with oil-removing devices like air knife and oil scraper to effectively reduce the oil of noodles.
Instant noodle packing machine
Packing machine

Adopts a food standard sanitary conveyor belt for delivering products. No noise and no pollution.
After saling Instant Noodle Machine, if necessary, We will send one or two engineers to set up and commissioning of the Instant Noodle Machine until it running in normal state. During the time your workers who will operate the Instant Noodle Machine will be trained.

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