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Lead-acid Battery Production Line

Lead-acid battery manufacturing equipment[10-01-28 12:01:50]

Introduction of Lead-acid Battery Production Line

Our Lead-acid Battery Production Line is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The Lead-acid Battery Production Line has proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during years of practice.

CLIMA supply Lead-acid battery manufacturing equipments including, plate making plant, asssembly line, finishing line, test, environment protection and technology consultation.

Products Information of Lead-acid Battery Production Line
We are a modern enterprise specializing in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of battery equipment. The ISO9000 quality system is fully orgnized in the company. Now we have 6 series and 300 kinds of products, including plate making equipment, assembly line, finishing line, charger and discharger, test equipment and environmental protection equipment. Global customers are satisfied with our product.
Lead-acid battery plate making plant

The production Line consists of lead cutting, ball mill, leady oxide storage and control systems.
1、The design is advanced, the process is reasonable ;
2、Automatic weighing and controlling feed material ;
3、PLC automatically control and simulate work condition ;
4、Closed production ;
5、Specification: 6T/D, 12T/D, 14T/D, 24T/D

Battery assembly line

Application: Application for mass production and test of 4-28AH dry or MF motorcycle batteries;
Feature: When the assemnly line running, the operator is in charge of input of the batteries, the machine will do all the other process of assembly and test automatically;
Capacity: 150batteries/h; calculated by 12V 7Ah;
Electric power:AC380v, 50Hz, 40Kw;
Air source:0.5m3/min, 0.6Mpa;
Color:Blue or according to client's requirement;
Standard: Battery moving direction is from left to right, one machine has one mould, the specification is decided according to the battery sample supplied by the customers; special demand should be notified when placing the order;
Battery size: max:206*160*160mm; Min:100*42*90mm

Enviroment protection equipment
In order to slove the problem included acid mixing evenly diffculty, cooling speed slow, time making long, production effeciency low, acid fume polluting, our company develop YZS high effciency acid mixing plant. It takes grade 2 dilute, cycle closed running, no need to use compress air, avoid the access of the dust, so the quality and purity of the acid is good, the workshop area is small, no acid fume polluting, operation is safe and reliable.

Charger and discharger 

CDF Microprocessor Formation Charger and Discharger

Application: Suitable for plate formation and battery recharging!
Features: With the modern technology applied, the product fulfils quality requirements raised by the users both local and outside. The product controlled by a microprocessor, contains such features as high quality, high precision, high reliability, less noise, discharge return to the grid, easy operation and maintenance) FUNCTION: It can set formation process and parameters of different types of plate. Provide following operation modes: constant-current charging, Constant—voltage charging, Constant-voltage current-limited charging, constant-current voltage-limited discharging, cycling, pause, positive/negative connection of the plates. State shifting modes are time fixing and Amp-hr fixing. Operation data are at fixed time. Protecting against over current, over voltage and open circuit, power off data storing, automatic power on recovering, are displaying on LCD operation data and cause of troubles. Checking processing mode and all the operation data, central network control and data processing when connected with PC via interface (choose); MAIN SPECIFICATIONS:
1. Range of current controlled: 1%~100%F.S,
2. Range of voltage controlled: 10%~100%F.S,
3. Precision of stable current/voltage: <± 0.5%F.S (< 1%F.S controlled manually);
4. Time precision: < 30s/24h.

Test machine
CLIMA can provide all kinds of test machine for battery, inclding UBT microprocessor multifunction testing machine, Microprocessor high rate discharge testing machine, Microprocessor cycle life tester, Aluminum foil sealing machine, Medium vrla battery fully automatic three function testing machine, medium VRLA battery Automatic numeric control short circuit testing machine, battery wrapping machine, Bunding machine.
Other Products
All the data are base on our 20 lead-acid battery production line and are only for customers' reference, we can adjust the specification according to your requirements.
Just a few of them have been listed , please contact us if you want any other kinds of machines.
Grid casting machine
Grid casting machine
Grid casting machine
Grid aging oven
Lead smoke/dust treatment tower
Pasting machine
Flash drying oven
Fully automatic paste mixing plant
Curing and Drying Machine
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