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Calcium Carbonate Line

Calcium Carbonate Line[09-09-10 18:00:37]
Introduction of Calcium Carbonate Line

Calcium Carbonate powder is white, smell less, odorless, tasteless and has different crystalline form according to different product model. The product mainly presents pyramidal shape. The material does not dissolve in water or alcoholic solvents, but it is slightly soluble in solvent that contains ammonium salts or carbon dioxide, and soluble in solvent of dilute hydrochloric acid, dilute nitric acid and dilute sulphuric acid, meanwhile release carbon dioxide and heat. Its chemical property is stable in the air. It has a slight ability of moisture adsorbing. When heated to 800℃-900℃, it can decompose into carbon dioxide and calcium oxide.

Precipitated calcium carbonate is produced by chemical method. Because it’s precipitated during the processing, we also call it as precipitated calcium carbonate.

Our Calcium Carbonate Line is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The Calcium Carbonate Line has proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during years of practice. The company is engaged inCalcium Carbonate Line development, production, sales and service.

The product is new generation soap producing machinery based on advanced international technology and many overseas product analysis with optimizing design and high level in domestic market.

We are als excel in establishing all kinds of plants and excute turn key projects.

Products Information of Calcium Carbonate Line

CLIMA can supply calcium carbonate line with capacity between 18000~20000 tons per year. we can also design a proposal and quatation just for you.
Please feel free to contact CLIMA if you get any questions.


The Synchronous Conversing Calcine Furnace is new type, high effective and instant
airflow drying equipment.It has such as continuous running,sealed operation,more capacity evaporation ,suitable temperatuer step , less power consume and small cubage with the traditional drying equipment.
1.solid granule hang between air-solid media in high speed suspending state which add more transporting heat acreage. Using high-speed airflow, so get the relative high speed between air-solid media, which make transport heat more acreage and high factor. The transport heat factor of this system is 2300-7000W/(m3.k) , which is 20-30 times of the gyration furnace.
2.High heat effective,short drying time and high capacity.Collateral operate the Calcine
and drying procedure,and use high temperature tail gas drying wet material that improve initial temperature of the calcine material to 120 not only improve high heat effective,but also improve drying capacity.
3.Simple structure ,compact, small cubage and high capacity. Except for the indraught fan,feeder and pass fan,there??s any more wore-down parts of whole system, and little repair and low cost.
4.Easy operation.Incorporative operating the drying, calcining, conveying according to tail-air temperature of dry tower and calcine tower inner temperature, control speed of frequency conversion motor, which is automation operation by controlling feed
material volume.

The working principle and features:
The hydraulic machine is expected to be located at the top of the tower into a tiny droplet atomization nozzle, parallel with the top and under the hot air drying. It has a high rate of collecting, inviscid walls, energy-saving features such as efficient, especially suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials.

The set is an apparatus that can finish drying and granulaing at the same time.The needed ball granule with certain size of atomizing hole.
The working process of set is as follows:the liquid of raw material is pumed in through diaphram pump. The liquid of raw material atomizes into tiny droplets. Then if gathers with hot air and fall off. Most parts of powder material will be collected through the outlet of dis-charge at the bottom. The wasted air and fine powder will be collected through collector at the bottom of cyclone.At the outlet it can also be equipped with two grades of duster.It ratio of recovery will be over 96-98%.
There is enough layer of heat preservation between inner and outer case of tower bldy. The filled material is fine glass cotton. The tower body is also equipped with observation door. sight glass, lamp-house and control meters and instruments that is controlled and dis-played through electric control panel.
The heat source of set mqy be steam or electric heater.Its features are convenient in operation,quick in start,compact,clean hot air and so on.Moreover being installed control and regulating device inside eletctric control cabinet, the inlet temperature can be controlled through stepless regulation.The steam,coal fuel or oil fuel can be applied to the place where has not electriccity. Itcan replace electric heating partially or fully. The factory can provide different heating way in accordance with the practical condition of customer.

The process first 11-12% solid content solution of the original role in the pump, the continuous into the "centrifugal spray tower", the rapid evaporation, the majority of products from the tower at the bottom of fog emitted by the discharge valve, and the remaining products separated from the cyclone spray. High-temperature exhaust gas at high pressure role, the entry "dust tower", the gas by high-pressure suction fan into the atmosphere, complete the process. Calcium chloride content of products in more than 98%

Materials in the process so that continuous evaporation of atomized state to solve the current production process of conventional steel container in the form of condensed materials severe pollution problem, but also solve the serious corrosion of equipment, from the nature of the product to improve quality.
All the data are base on our 20 Calcium Carbonate Line and are only for customers' reference, we can adjust the specification according to your requirements.
Just a few of them have been listed , please contact us if you want any other kinds of machines.
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