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Disk Brake Pad Production Line

Disk Brake Pad Production Line[10-10-18 09:36:47]


Introduction of Disk Brake Pad Proudction Line
Our Disk Brake Pad Proudction Line is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The Disk Brake Pad Proudction Line has proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during years of practice.

We design and develop customized production line machines for variety customers. The products made by our machines include disc brake pads, car , motorcycle brake shoes, truck linings and train blocks, as well as other components of automobile braking system.

Products Information of Disk Brake Pad Proudction Line

We are aiming to combine the best mix of research, technology and innovation to empower our clients with the latest and most suitable devices.
The testing machines incorporate special features to maximize test data accuracy and reliability and are able to meet the requirements for testing according to ISO, SAE, EURO-SPEC, AK, VW, JB, JASO and QC recommended practices and regulations.

Plough-Chopper Mixer

Plough-chopper Mixers are highly efficient mixers for fast mixing of fibers, powders, raw materials, granules with or without liquids and pastes of low viscosities. It is used in Friction, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries. The mixers consist of a cylindrical shell fitted with ploughs and choppers. The mixers create a agitating and slicing three dimensional effects. Lump breakers are installed for breaking of lump sand agglomerates.


Weighting Machine

It is suitable for weighting and dividing raw materials automatically.
1, Automatically weighing, feeding and rotating
2, Easy to operate.
3, High precision and productivity.
4, P.L.C. contrld.

Six-position Hot Press (Positive Mould)

Brake Pads Friction Material Processing Equipments
•Be able to process 1 to 6 kinds of pads at the same time.
•Moulds can be move out during feeding.
•High efficiency, energy saving.
•OE critical machine, only one operator needed.
•Accurately pressure control.
•Automatically materials weighing and transferring.
•Moulds closed by spring force.

Four-pole Press

•Improved design on standard press structure adopting the latest technology.
•Plunger-type cylinder, simple and stable, easy to maintain.
•Precisely P.L.C. control on pressure pressing; pressure digital display.
•Fast –moving filling value system
•Heating temp. can be monitored by heating device installed on the moulds, accurate temp. control.
•Proportional controlled hydraulic pressure, can do pressure-variable pressing, energy-saving design.
•Hydraulic-station on the top, can be operated from the front or rare, small area occupied.

Heating Box

•Special hot-air-cycle-blower with alarming system for over-heating, able to cutoff heating power automatically.
•Auto temp control programming system generates 6-point temp curve, and prints out with a temp.logger and data output interface.
•Air Distribution System on both sides, with enforced hot-air cycle to ensure temp. Equivalent under high-density piled up.
•Temp. equality degree≤±2.5%, tested a National Professional Standard empty oven.
•Manually adjusting inlet/out gas volume, to ensure high temp.equivalent inside the oven.
•SSR solid-state relay contactless regulating.
•PID temp control self-deterring.
•Heated by electricity or gas.
•Available on various capacity.

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