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MDF Production Line

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MDF is a kind of excellent substitute for natutal wood panel with wide application. Materials such as wood and other plant fiber after being added suitable urea formaldehyde resin or other adhesives forms panels on hot press. MDF is characterized with tight and smooth surface, uniform core layer and good wood working performance.

The MDF production line consists of chip preparation, fiber preparation, glue mixing and applying, mat-forming and hot-pressing, cooling and sizing, sanding. It can be used in furniture-making, flooring-making, packing industry, sound box, construction and decoration of vehicle or vessel etc.
We can provide 1500-8000 m3 MDF production line as well as a single machine supplement such as chipper, refiner, dryer, forming machine, pre-press, hot press etc. Following is the information based on our 6000m3 MDF oversea project.
Flakes processing section
belt conveyer
flake silo

MDF production line
Flake preparation
Flake belt conveyer

Fibre processing and drying section
heat milling machine
pre-boiling vat
flake feeding machine
gluing machine
water-proof weighting device
tri-throughs fibre outlet valve
hot wind generator
main blower and motor
drying pipe
whirlwind separator
dry wind control system
fibre silo

MDF production line
Glue preparation
Fibre processing
Glue preparation

Paving, shaping, hot pressing
paving machine
boards conveyer
plain machine
board sawer
edge trimming machine
fibre recycle system
support board callback system
board feeding machine
hot presser
board unloading machine
board outlet machine

Hot pressing

Surface processing production line
horizontal sawer
vertical sawer
sands recycle system

Surface processing machine
Final products

Other auxiliary equipment

steaming boiler                  4000kg/h  
hydraulic pressure oil            30# 2000kg
support board                   25 pcs
tansformer                     500KVA    
fire control equipment                      
steel structures for production line erection  

After saling MDF production line, if necessary, We will send one or two engineers to set up and commissioning of the  MDF production line until it running in normal state. Druing the time your workers who will operate the MDF production line will be trained.
The pioneers in exporting MDF production line in China.
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