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Railway & Highway Noise Barrier Wall

Noise barrier wall[10-09-21 11:35:40]

Introduction of Railway & Highway Noise Barrier Wall
Our Railway & Highway Noise Barrier Wall is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The Railway & Highway Noise Barrier Wall has proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during years of practice.
Products Information of Railway & Highway Noise Barrier Wall
Metel Nosie Barrier Wall

Products Features:

  • Good sound insulation: the average noise insulation factor is 37db.
  • High coefficient of sound absorption: the Max. Coefficient is 0.95.
  • Long service life: the products is featured with water proof, heat resist, uvioresistant and not be degrade performance because of different temperature.
  • Attractive appearance: Many colors and shapes can be chosen to assemble. It can be a beautiful sight to fit the environment.
  • Economical: easy to assemble, high work efficiency, to save time and installation fee.
  • Convenient: Can be installed with other part, easy to maintain and update.
  • Safe: Both ends of absorption panel are connected with wire cable to prevent secondary damage.
  • Fireproofing: It adopts superfine glass wool and the fireproof glass can reach A class due to its high melting point and uninflammability.
  • High-intensity: The structure design is based on different climate conditions and wind load. Grooves are pressed on the full automatic production line to increase the intensity. The products can resist 10-12 class hurricane and 300kg/m2 wind load.
  • Water proof and dust proof: The degree of blind style design is 450 and this make the product won’t be influenced in the dust or rain day. The drainage measure is designed to prevent the water keeping inside.

Composite cement noise barrier wall

Products Features:
High intensive composite cement sound absorption board is made from high-strength cement, skeletal material, carbonate-apatite, wastepaper and cementing compound etc. The products is formed with vacuum forming machine from Germany and featured with high-intensive, good performance, good insulation, the average noise insulation factor is 40 dB and first innovation of China

Transparent noise barrieer wall

Products Features:
The frame is made of aluminum alloy with surface anode oxidation treatment. It is featured with light, high-intensive, non-corroding, beautiful and etc. Laminated glass is the main material for transparent sound absorption board and it is featured with high safety performance, transparency and abrasive resistance. It is usually used in the tourist attraction.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Sound Absorption Board

Products Features:

  • The material and the structure is rust proof when it is exposed in all kinds of environments.
  • High intensive, deformation resistance and flexural capacity > 2.34KN/m2
  • Light (weight<16kg/m2) to reduce the strength requirements of solid base and columns. Easy to install.
  • Attractive appearance. It can be designed as different shapes and colors to make it fit the environment around.
  • Good sound absorption ability. Noise reduction coefficient NRC>0.8 and weighted transmission loss Rw>28dB(A).
  • Easy to maintain, nondiscolouring, easy to clean and easy to replace after damage.
Sound Absorption Window

Products Features:
Sound absorption window is made of triple glazing glass and frame. The thickness of the glass is different to avoid coincidence effect. The sound insulation material which filled in the frame absorbs the sound wave which gets through the glass. This make different frequency sound can be isolated. The glass can be chosen from flat glass, synthetic glass, toughened glass and safety glassed. It featured high sound insulation (30-50 dBA) and light-admitting quality (>85%)..

Other Products
All the datas are base on our projects before and are only for customers' reference, we can adjust the specification according to your requirements.
Just a few of them have been listed , please contact us if you want any other kinds of products.
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Knuckling Noise Barrier Wall
Big Arc Noise Barrier Wall
Top Arc Noise Barrier Wall
Canopy Noise Barrier Wall
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