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Metal printing machine

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CLIMA Metal coating machine is engaged for the painting and decoration for metals. Enhanced by new technology, the production speed is much more quicker than other kinds of model. The machine can paint, print, decorate in
materials as stainless steel, iron, aluminum, tin and other related metals. It's widely used in modern industries like packaging, hardware processing and more.

The data below are based on our previous projects, we can adjust the specification according to your requirements.
Metal coating machine

Metal coating machine
. Max. Sheet size
Φ1143x950 (mm)
. Min. Sheet size
. Sheet thickness
. Pressure cylinder size
Φ254x1180 (mm)
. Applicator rubber roller size
Φ355.6x1155 (mm)
. Transfer roller size
Φ179.76x1150 (mm)
. Fountain roller size
Φ203.22x1150 (mm)
. Max. Speed

Main equipments of metal decorating production line

Metal coating machine
Metal coating machine
Metal coating machine

Metal printing machine

Metal coating machine
ORI-KING P-45 is a newly developed metal printing press designed to produce high quality printing without expert operators and without making operator's hands dirty.

1.Good for high grade printing from deep and strong solids to fine and delicate screen prints.
2.By use of abundant electromechanical systems it could considerably shorten time for press preparation works, such as changes in sheet size, cloors, printing plates, etc.
3.Adjustments of ink rollers made quite simple to match required press conditions.
4.Designed for the ease of operation-operator stand, unit operation control panel, various monitor devices, etc.
5.Ample satety devices are installed throughout the machine to assure safe operation.

Metal coating machine
To avoid problems caused by lubricant oil, gear train is mounted outside of the machine frame. This is entirely different design concept from conventional metal printing presses.
1.Complete elimination of spoilages caused by oil stain.
2.Circumferential registration of plate cylinder can by made according to direct reading of circumferential register indicator.
3.Ink roller driving gears can be thrown in and out by single motion control of pneumatic cylinder system.
4.JIS Class 1 finish of polished and hardened gears assure quiet and smooth run of gear train.

Metal coating machine
Cam close mechanism is used to assure secure gripping of different thick nesses of metal sheets. Equipped with 8 grippers (double grippers). Front register stoppers are located at both ends, and they are easily adjustable to 0.01mm increment. As optional equipments, "off register detector" and "spoilage ejector" are also available.

Metal coating machine
For precise registration and ease of operation, register pin system is standard and it is directly installed on the plate cylinder. A specially designed handle is used for mounting of printing plates. There is no need of bolt fastening, etc. These provisions can assure quick plate changes.

Metal coating machine
Nip width settings between ink vibrator rollers and form rollers can be made easily and precisely by rotation of eccentric sleeves of ink rollers which directly moves vibrator roller.

Metal coating machine
Nip width settings between ink and water form rollers and plate cylinder can be simply and accurately accomplished by rotation of handles. This adjustment is only effective to the nip widths between the form rollers and cylinder, without disturbing the relationship between vibrator rollers and form rollers.

After saling Metal coating machine, if necessary, We will send one or two engineers to set up and commissioning of the Metal coating machine until it running in normal state. During the time your workers who will operate the Metal coating machine will be trained.
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