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Self-clinching pins and plungers

Self-clinching pins and plungers, Self-clinching pins and plungers, Self-clinching pins and plungers, Self-clinching pins and plungers, Self-clinching pins and plungers[08-12-23 10:29:44]
During the past years, We has been dedicated to manufacture the general standard quality Fasteners, Nuts, Standoffs, Pins and Plugs stand with PEM products and custom metal fabricated products for a variety of industrial and electronics equipment produced by OEM manufacturers in China. Typical applied in computers, telecom, optic components, industrial control, medical machine and consumer appliances. In our factory, we have various of advanced lathe,milling,and drill manufacture machines and precise test equipments, and many skillful artificers with years of experence on the high precision machine tools.We have founded a complete quality management system during years of good operation. "Quality is PRINCIPAL,Commitment is PRICELESS" Depending on our strong technology power,advanced manufacture process,precise quality management system,we are committed to delivering high quality products and perfect services to meet or exceed our customers' expectation. We are look forward to supply domestic and oversea customers with outstanding quality products at competitive cost and customer satisfication service.

Keyhole Standoffs
Keyhole Standoffs Strong internal threads in sheets as thin as0.03"/0.8mm.Thread sizes #2 to 1/2" and M2 to M10.
Pilot Pins
Pilot Pins Satisfies a wide range of positioning,pilot,and alignment applications.Chamfered end makes mating hole loacation easy.Pin diameter 0.125",0.187",0.25" and 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm.
Spring-Top Standoffs
Spring-top standoffs
Accurately space a PC board from another board or metal chassis simply bysnapping board in standoff.
Spring-loaded Pluger
Spring-loaded plugers Used as a retractable drawer-guide stop,indexing pins and latch detents.Can be locked in retracted position.Pluger diameter 0.25"/6.4mm.

Self clinching fasteners has wide applications in various field. This type of Self clinching fasteners inherits all the merits of the original model, enhanced by new technology. Compared with other Self clinching fasteners, our Self clinching fasteners enjoys many advantages including: more reasonable structure, more compact appearance, smoother operating, higher efficiency and is easy to operate and maintain. Self clinching fasteners has wide adoptablity, is an ideal Self clinching fasteners for you to convert into production. Self clinching fasteners that you need is just what we can supply. We are one of the most famous Self clinching fasteners exporters in China. We have been supplying a whole set of Self clinching fasteners for overseas customers. We would like to provide maximun customer satisfaction at lowest possible cost and best after-sale service. If you need Self clinching fasteners, please feel free to contact us.

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