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Wind Turbine Generator

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Introduction of Wind Turbine Generator

    CLIMA is a wind turbine generator exporter we've been providing wind turbine generator to oversea customers for many years.

  (1)Wind-force generating set 100W , 200W , 300W , 500W , 1KW , 2KW , 5KW , 7. 5KW , 10KW, 20kw, 30kw. For more information, please view our special website: 

  (2)The solar energy generates electricity, the special-purpose high-efficient lead-acid battery 12V 6 of wind-power electricity generation- KD-60 type, 100 types , 135 types , 150 types , 200 types.

  (3)Wind-force withdraw ink aircrew, withdraw ink amount 5 tons , 10 tons , 20 tons , 50 tons per hour.


wind turbine generator

  Our company has already formed such as a organic whole service system as designing , making , installing , debugging , marketting , after-sale service ,etc. now. The reliable company of product quality seeks survival with technology, seek development by quality.

The wind turbine generator is taking advantage of wind power to change the mechanical energy into electricity, which is stored in the battery for other use. It always applied in the small villages, mountain huts and other place, where is far away from the grid. In addition, we can supply many other kinds of generators, from 100W to 20KW.
Our wind driven generators are of high quality .If you are interested in it, please don't hesitate to
contact me. We will provide you good quality and low price. For more information, please visit our special website

The Structure of Wind Turbine Generator

wind turbine generator

1、Generator      2、blade      3、The water conservancy diversion covering      4、Fin      5、The fin buffers and meets to adjust the bolt      6、Go back to turn      7、Have and set up the pole      8、Neutrality pole     9 Put and set up the pole、     10、Base       11、Electric case       12、Battery      13、Vertical scroll cap  14、Tip axle of the tail rod       15、Terminal box

Technical Parameter of Wind Turbine Generator




            DC-AC inverter

DC Input

Rated Voltage VDC


Voltage range VDC


Input current (no-load)



AC Output

Output Voltage


Output Frequency


Output Waveform

Pure sine wave

System Efficiency


Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)


Stabilization Time(ms)


Crest Factor

>3:1(It can be customized)

Peak of Power (W)









Work Environment

Cooling-down Method

Air blast cooling

Environment Temperature


Relative Humidity

20%~90% (No dew)

Height above sea level (M)


Max temperature rise (℃)



Storage Temperature (℃)


3KW Wind Turbine Genetor

wind turbine
Materia: FRP (Fiber glass reinforced*3)
Diameter of wind wheel 5.0M (=13.67 Feet )
Rated speed (rpm): 200
Rated wind speed: 10M/S
Starte up wind speed: 3 M/S
Net weight: 42KGS 

Hub and press board
wind turbine generator
Type of generator: Permanent-magnet 3-phase A.C.
Stator: Silicon steel sheet
Magnet steel: NdFeB
Wire package: Copper wire
Net weight: 220KG
Material: aluminum alloy
Packing weight: 243KG
Packing size: 92mm*53mm*43mm

3,CONTROLLER&INVERTER wind turbine generator

All the data are base on our 20 wind turbine generator projects and are only for customers' reference, we can adjust the specification according to your requirements.
Just a few of them have been listed , please contact us if you want any other kinds of machines.

After the shipment of wind turbine generator, we can sent engineers to customers' workshop for installation. Local staffs who will operate wind turbine generator will also be trained during the assembly.
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