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Small Wood Pelletizing Line

Small Wood Pelletizing Line [09-06-08 16:53:57]
        Our wood pelletizing line is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The wood pelletizing line has proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during years of practice.

Pelletizing is the process of making waste materials into solid fuel. The objects are used for burning purposes. Wood Pellet is one of the most commonly used pelletizing materials.

  Careful design, exquisite manufacture, fine construction, omni-directional service and the idea “lets go forward together” we hold for long time has obtained user's long-term approval and good social prestige for us. In the 21st century, we will develop the spirit of “the innovation, the responsibility, the cooperation, and the efficiency” vigorously and continuously and persist the technical innovation, the product innovation, the management innovation, and the service innovation to make our products high-qualified and the market internationalization.We are doing our best to advance our machine to top brand of the world.

Detailed Description of Wood Pelletizing Line

1. Raw material:
Wood pellet can be made from sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips or wood logs, any wood wastes or biomass.

2. Involved processes:
Depending on the input product, which can be dry wood shavings, wet sawdust, wood chip and etc. Directly before the pelleting press, a product with a granular size of approx. 4 mm and a residual moisture content of approx. 15 % is required.
The mainly processes are:Wood crushing(if the raw material is not already granulated), material sifter,drying(if the raw material contains too much moisture), pelletizing, cooling and bagging. The whole process is highly automatically controlled.

3. Production capactiy:
1-10TON / 1H .

4. Highlight of our equipment
1) Reliable continuous operation 2) Low energy consumption 3) Low maintenance cost

General Process
Pelletizing is the process of making waste materials into solid fuel. The objects are used for burning purposes. Wood Pellet is one of the most commonly used pelletizing materials.

Raw Material-- Pulverizing System --Dry System-- Pelleting System--
Cooling /Sieving /Bagging system --Wood Pellets
(1) Pulverizing System
Input Material: Logs with diameter <200mm, Wood Chip with thickness < 5mm, Saw Dust.
(2) Drying System
The best moisture content to pelletizing is about 13-15%. Our Rotary Dryer is made up of Stove and Main Rotary Dryer, which can realize to reduce the moisture from 60% to 10%. Our stove is fueled by coal, which can save electricity consumption largely.
(3) Pelleting System
Driven with heavy- duty gearbox construction can produce continuously in most adverse condition. The imported key elements are of high performance with long life and low maintenance cost. The key parts are made of alloy steel to be very strong and malleable. Die is made of stainless steel. Pellet machine is widely used in the granulation of wood, straw, other biomass sources. capacity ranges from 200kgs to 3T per hour.
(4) Cooling /Sieving /Bagging system
After the pelletizing process, the temperature of the wood pellet is about 60-80 degree, and the moisture content of the wood pellet is about 15%, so we need use Cooler to reduce about 3-4% moisture, such this the wood pellet is easy to store.
After cooling, the wood pellet will not directly enter into the fuel process, avoiding the wood pellet affected with damp. The packing process is necessary. In this process, we assemble our domestic best Semi-Auto Packing Machine to you. 
NOTE: PLC System
The Whole System adopt Siemens PLC controller, include motherboard, input & output module, software.
MCC adopt Touch Panel, Simulation Control Screen or Computer Control Screen is optional.
Automatic Moisture online testing, Automatic dosing, Automatic Lubricating, Automatic Steam supply, Lower Labor cost. 24 hours continuous working.
Equipment information
All the data are base on our 20 small wood pelletizing line and are only for customers' reference, we can adjust the specification according to your requirements.
Just a few of them have been listed , please contact us if you want any other kinds of machines.
1. The above data is based on a mixture of 50% pine and 50% the other woods;
2. As the wood to be processed is a natural products, the above mentioned data concerning capacities,
Product parameters and consumptions may vary depending on the origin, type, and nature of the raw material.
3. The following items are not included:
Supporting structures for the offered machines and equipments;
Building equipment, such as illumination, heating, ventilation, sanitary facilities etc.;
Fire and explosion protection equipment, steam plant;
Electrical power circuit, electrical installation material for connection of the electrical equipment with the switch cabinets;
Foundation earth, equipotent bonding for machines, supports, steel constructers, cable racks, building;
Assemble tools, cranes, and lifting gears, worksite electrical supply and illumination.
4. Energy Consumption: Water 160-240kg/1h & Steam 160-240kg/1h, Coal 480-640kg / 12ton raw material with 30% moisture                                                                                                                
Electricity 750kw, Man Power 6 persons per shaft.
5. Occupying Area: 24 * 16 * 10m
6. Loading Container: 11 * 40FCL
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